Encounter 1

Dr. Cecilia Scorza

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Dr. Cecilia Scorza studied physics in her native Venezuela and later at the University of Heidelberg, where she took her doctorate. As a research assistant at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg (MPIA), her work focused initially on the evolution of galaxies. Currently she is the officer in charge of publicizing the various projects conducted by MPIA’s House of Astronomy.

She is co-founder of Astronomieschule e.V., a not-for-profit group dedicated to disseminating basic information about astronomy to children and young people, and promoting a better understanding of cosmic events among them.

When I phoned her in late 2009 to ask her help me find an astrophysicist willing to encounter one of OUBEY’s works, she spontaneously said that she would love to have a go herself. So that’s just what we did.

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