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OUBEYs Stars Go on Tour

Over the past few years one of the most frequent questions people have asked me is when and where OUBEYs pictures can at long last be seen. To answer this question and give people the chance to view his paintings in their original versions, we are now planning a tour which will kick off in October. It will run over several years with many stopovers in a great variety of countries across the world.

More detailed information on the tour will soon be posted on But one thing is already certain: wherever the tour might go there will be at least one of OUBEYs StarPixels on view. And there’s a special reason for this:

When OUBEY started work on the StarPixels in March 2004 he wanted to paint a thousand stars. He had completed eighty stars when his life was cut short in August 2004. Nothing in his legacy seems more incomplete than the nine hundred and twenty stars he had already painted in his head but was unable to complete. And yet each of the eighty stars that he did manage to finish carries in it a premonition of the grandeur and scale of the completed series. This is why at least one of these StarPixels will always be included when OUBEYs pictures go on tour.

Which one is your favorite star?
Deciding which of the stars should accompany the tour is something that we want to invite you to take part in an online vote. Please choose your favorite star or stars from a pre-selection of nine stars:


Click here to see how you can vote.

Please note that voting closes on 1 October 2012. We are looking forward to receiving your response and we are also very excited to see which way the voting swings – and will keep you posted about the results in September.