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Lost Memories of Things Unseen

Can you really remember something you’ve never seen before? And if you really can, how can this be possible?


When looking at this painting by OUBEY in Berlin, a young eleven year old girl found that what it showed was “the search for lost memories”. What an amazing association!
Another visitor remarked that a lot of OUBEYs paintings reminded him of things he had never seen before. And that he had now experienced a MINDKISS in the truest and most authentic sense of the term.

In an encounter with OUBEYs art there is no right and wrong. There is only the subjective authentic experience of the direct encounter itself with its overriding all-important freedom of discovery.

Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings; everyone finds their own entirely personal gateway to the pictures. Look at some of the paintings and they seem to develop a kind of spiritual magnetism which leads to a more or less explainable sense of understanding. Yet other paintings, while no less lacking in powerful attraction, remain so mysterious that they defy understanding. Perhaps all we can do is to speak of recognition and mirror-like reflection.

Possibly there’s something like a collective memory of the universe which – quite unlike the individual human being’s memory – unites past, present and future in one. This is something our own memories cannot do because we all live in the quarantine imposed on us by the speed of light. Such a restriction does not exist in the far-flung regions of outer space, as the latest findings of astrophysics have indicated.

Perhaps in OUBEYs paintings there is a glimmer of premonition that crossing the barriers of time is indeed conceivable and fundamentally possible. Certainly, such a premonition haunted and illuminated the artist’s mind. If he really has succeeded in capturing this spark in his paintings and making it visible for all to see, it would well worthwhile to think about sending one of his pictures on a journey in the near future or coming decades that goes far beyond the outer reaches of our own galaxy. I for one would be willing to offer one of his paintings for such a mission.


If you’re interested in the Encounter made by Prof. Lawrence Krauss, one of the leading and most famous Astrophysicists of our time, with the painting about the “Search for Lost Memories”, here is the link.