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What makes OUBEY MINDKISS special and unique? #3: Innovative Use of Media and Computer Technology

OUBEY was ahead of his time, a visionary futurist with a strong power of imagination, addicted to science, science fiction and technology. His use of the Amiga 500 computer to create a new kind of art – the amazing PhotonPaintings – was pioneer state of the art at his time. So it´s clear that the MINDKISS Project loves to use innovative high-tech concepts for their exceptional presentation of OUBEYs work. It´s medium and message as well.


The OUBEY Experience film: Brilliant fireworks of pixel streams can be moved by the viewer via computer mouse as part of this experimental video.


The virtual 360 Degree Studio Visit opens the door to OUBEYs workshop: Visitors are invited to come in and feel free to walk around and zoom in as long as they like.


The Digital Discovery Bowl lets the 3D-quality of OUBEYs paintings become visible. Mindblowing experience: By moving the “magic bowl” you can let sun and moonlight move around and discover the various paintings inside each of his paintings.

Thanks for their congenious collaboration to Bernd Mueller‬, Lars Eberle, Patrick Juchli, as:if Film Matters, Ole Leifels, kubikfoto, Christoph Brosius, Jan Bubenik, Die Hobrechts.