A spectacular 3D slipcase contains five slim books bound in reflecting silver. Each of these five volumes is devoted to one of the many segments of OUBEYs extensive work: PAINTINGS, ON PAPER, DRAWINGS, PHOTON PAINTINGS, STAR PIXELS.Editor


The OUBEY MINDKISS Book has been awarded three international design-prizes to date
  • AIGA 50 Books / 50 Covers
  • Red dot design Award
  • Award of Exellence of the American design magazine “Communication Art”
Dagmar Woyde-Koehler

Stefan Sagmeister, Dagmar Woyde-Koehler

Sagmeister Inc., New York, Roy Rub and Seth Labenz

visuell, Karlsruhe

Engelhardt & Bauer, Karlsruhe

3-D Prototyping
Guz Gutmann

Slipcase Production
IdN, Hong Kong

Deutscher Kunstverlag Berlin / Independent Publisher Group (IPG Chicago)

About the book

The MINDKISS book shows roughly 100 pictures from OUBEYs artistic oeuvre, thus opening up a first view of OUBEYs extensive work comprising a total of over 1000 pieces.
In each volume, 19/21 pictures are shown in full page format. The typography for the titles, like the entire book design, is from Stefan Sagmeister and was specially developed for the MINDKISS book. Each book opens with its very own, glowing color atmosphere, which the texts of each book also follow.

The short texts are scattered between the pictures, always following the same principle: each volume opens with an original quotation from OUBEY. This is followed by a quotation from a book or a poem that was especially significant for OUBEYs thinking and work. The third text takes a look behind the scenes and explains how the pictures in this volume were created. At the end of each volume there is a tabular overview with detailed information about each of the pictures shown.