December 30, 2015

What makes OUBEY MINDKISS special and unique?

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May 17, 2016

Prof. Lawrence Krauss

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Thoughts & Insights
June 19, 2011

From Being to Becoming …

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The MINDKISS Project aims to make the work of the artist OUBEY posthumously accessible to a broad public. From day one of the Project in an experimental open-ended process a worldwide intercultural and interdisciplinary resonance space for OUBEYs art was created and has continued to develop and grow: the “Expanding Universe of OUBEY MINDKISS”.

January 6, 2016

What makes OUBEY MINDKISS special and unique? #3: Innovative Use of Media and Computer Technology

OUBEY was ahead of his time, a visionary futurist with a strong power of imagination, addicted to science, science fiction and technology. His use of the Amiga 500 computer to create a new kind of art – the amazing PhotonPaintings – was pioneer state of the art at his time. So it´s clear that the MINDKISS Project loves to use innovative high-tech concepts for their exceptional
presentation of OUBEYs work. It´s medium and message as well.