December 30, 2015

What makes OUBEY MINDKISS special and unique?

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May 17, 2016

Prof. Lawrence Krauss

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Thoughts & Insights
June 19, 2011

From Being to Becoming …

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The MINDKISS Project aims to make the work of the artist OUBEY posthumously accessible to a broad public. From day one of the Project in an experimental open-ended process a worldwide intercultural and interdisciplinary resonance space for OUBEYs art was created and has continued to develop and grow: the “Expanding Universe of OUBEY MINDKISS”.

October 29, 2018

Thank Heavens for Banksy

Can artificial intelligence create art? It’s difficult to imagine that this will ever be the case. To create art you need the consciousness of a free spirit. Whether artificial intelligence will ever dispose of the consciousness of a free spirit seems to me highly unlikely. If this should happen then human intelligence and creative power as we know them today will have transitioned to a symbiotic coexistence with artificial intelligence. Will this ever happen? If it should then we shall have to wait at least a few more decades before it arrives.

August 21, 2018

God Only Knows

The brilliant film director Stanley Kubrick was convinced that every one of us has a “twin” in this world – perhaps even several. People whose spirits and souls are related and intimately connected even when they don’t know one another and will never actually meet. Such connections are of a purely spiritual nature which is why they defy not just geographical distance but separation over centuries of time itself. Whether these twins will ever discover, recognize or even find one another is something that can never be planned for. It simply happens or it doesn’t.

July 9, 2018

Time has Come for a Cosmocentric View of the World

“The constant of the speed of light separates us humans from a physical experience of the universe. This constant puts us in a kind of quarantine whose frontiers we can only overcome with the help of imagination.” – OUBEY (1992)

Humankind is intoxicated with speed. Over the last three hundred years, as development cycles have become ever shorter, the development pace of our scientific discoveries and technical achievements has increased exponentially.

January 6, 2016

What makes OUBEY MINDKISS special and unique? #3: Innovative Use of Media and Computer Technology

OUBEY was ahead of his time, a visionary futurist with a strong power of imagination, addicted to science, science fiction and technology. His use of the Amiga 500 computer to create a new kind of art – the amazing PhotonPaintings – was pioneer state of the art at his time. So it´s clear that the MINDKISS Project loves to use innovative high-tech concepts for their exceptional
presentation of OUBEYs work. It´s medium and message as well.