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Empathy – Experiment – Provocation Professor Peter Kruse on the OUBEY MINDKISS Project

Unfortunately Professor Peter Kruse wasn’t able to personally attend the MINDKISS Project´s 5thAnniversary in the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. But his video statement was very much present. Played on the evening of 5th May at the Special Happening, it provided plenty of inspiration for lively talks and discussions throughout the evening.

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Kruse was of one of the very first to venture on an “Encounter” with one of OUBEYs paintings which he did in February 2010. It proved an encounter full of empathy “almost like meeting a kindred spirit” as he puts it today.

The way the project grew organically in an open process of interaction – which Kruse describes as “an experiment in cultural communication” – caught his interest back then and has held it ever since. In the meanwhile Kruse thinks that the project  – continuing on its own idiosyncratic way and turning its back resolutely on all the prescriptions of the speculative art market – has taken on the character of a counter-model to the art market and thus appears to him as a provocation in the positive sense of the word.

Our Blog “A Metabolism of a very special Kind” picks up and reflects on Professor Kruse’s thoughts. It will be published on May 27.