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In Search of the Beginning of Everything

“The insatiable hunger for knowledege; the burning passion to blaze new trails and overturn old points of view; the wish to find out where we come from …

These absolutely quintessential elements of what it means to be human constitute the shared source of art and science” – that´s a part of the statement of the curators of the Ars Electronica Festival 2011.


For over 30 years, the Ars Electronica has anually presented, to an ever growing audience, one key issue, where arts, technology, and society are interlinked. This year’s issue is titled “ORIGIN”, which is concerned with the fundamental research being untertaken at the CERN in Genf. Here, with the aid of the LHC, the world’s largest particle accelerator, scientists are trying to simulate the big bang, and thus find out significant facts on the creation of our universe.

A dedicated reader of the OUBEY Blog informed me about this exhibit, as she believed it would fit in with recent articles. I fully agree! Thanks Aileen for sharing this! The Ars Electronica will take place August 31st through September 6th in Linz/Austria. For more information, click here.