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Topsy Turvy

Can design turn the world upside down? Probably not. But a designer can show that the world is indeed on its head.

The latter has been undertaken by Stefan Sagmeister with the „Topsy Turvy Bus“, which was driven through the USA by volunteers in 2004. Their aim was to achieve a 15% budget cut for the pentagon, in order to spend this money on education. This idea was quite close to turning things topsy-turvy, especially these days.


This cruise, symbolically displayed in a video as an endless loop, is shown as part of the current Sagmeister exhibit at the „Musèe Arts Decoratifs“ of the Louvre in Paris. The equally maverick and successful designer is showing off his works of the last seven years, until February 19th of 2012. If you’re currently residing in Paris and enjoy sophisticated surprises – visit the exhibit!

On this occasion, you may also want to check out the OUBEY MINDKISS book, with which Stefan Sagmeister managed to create an almost congenial setting for the first public display of OUBEYs work, outside of the internet. This book, consisting of five volumes with a spectacular 3D-slipcase, was globally published last year, as a limited edition of 1000 copies. Since then, it has been rewarded three international design awards.

If you can’t make it to Paris, you can still view the complete book here. More information on the exhibit may be found here and here.