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AIGA Exhibition 50 Books/50 Covers

As a vehicle for OUBEYs work, MINDKISS can be seen as a sculpture, a toy, a weapon – anything but remain unseen.”

AIGA_jan2010_fenster AIGA_jan2010_2besucher_mindkiss AIGA_jan2010_besucher_hinten AIGA_jan2010_besucher_vorne

Visitors at the exhibit found the book design and the print quality of OUBEY MINDKISS as impressive as its contents: the art of OUBEY.

Gabriela Mirensky, AIGA Director of Competitions and Exhibitions, about the AIGA award for the OUBEY MINDKISS book:

“When we first opened the package, we wondered if it had been submitted to AIGA´s book design competition in error – it didn´t look like a book, definitely not like any we had seen. Upon realizing that the work had been submitted by Stefan Sagmeister, we were certain that it not only belonged in the competition, but that we were in for an interesting ride.