News & Media Says ‘Thank You’ for Over 2 Million Page Views

In March 2012 we said our first thank you in this column. Back then we were delighted to announce over 500,000 page views in the two years since first came online.

Only now, just one year later, we’re even more delighted to announce a fourfold increase in the number of page views: Traffic analysis in April 2013 has recorded over two million page views from all parts of the globe. This is truly amazing and exceeds even our wildest expectations!

And what we’re especially pleased to report is that with Berlin – which was the second stopover of the Global Encounters Tour in March 2013 – a German city now finally figures in the top three cities worldwide with the most hits on

This is really inspiring and encourages us to continue on our path of linking up the on-going and continually wider presentation of OUBEY on the internet with the sporadic presentation of original works at different points on the globe in the Global Encounters Tour.