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Thursday, 14 November 2013 in Vienna OUBEY: Art&Complexity@Global Peter Drucker Forum

In association with the Drucker Society Europe, in November 2013 the GLOBAL ENCOUNTER TOUR is showing original works by OUBEY in Vienna – including several pictures that have never been placed on public display. This exhibition forms part of the “Global Peter Drucker Forum” which this year is dedicated to Managing Complexity.

On Thursday, 14 November from 19:00 to 22:00 hrs the exhibition is also open to the general public. This evening offers a special opportunity to all interested people, friends and partners of OUBEY MINDKISS who are not taking part in the conference to make their own immediate unfiltered encounter with a very different kind of complexity – one to which OUBEY in his paintings gave a singularly powerful and unique expression.

Complexity was a theme of enduring fascination for OUBEY and one to which he dedicated over twenty years of his life in exploring its scientific, philosophical and aesthetic aspects and implications. Influenced in particular by his reading of Ilya Prigogine´s pioneering works, at an early stage he arrived at the conclusion that by its very nature complexity cannot be controlled.

“The aim of my art is definitely not to prune the high complexity of reality down to some underlying elementary order but to preserve the bloom of magic cast by the world in all its complexity and uncontrollability.”

OUBEY MINDKISS is delighted to be partnering with the Drucker Society Europe and warmly welcomes its decision to enrich this year’s Global Drucker Forum on Managing Complexity with an exhibition of OUBEYs art that offers a new and highly unusual vantage point on the theme under discussion. We look forward to seeing what influences the dynamics of such different approaches to complexity exert on one another during the course of the conference, and what new effects and synergies they generate – in the sense of a complex and fluid process.

You can find more information on this topic here, in the current blog post or right here at the end of October.