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The Business Magazine ‘brand eins’ Has a Feature on OUBEY

“We need many more such people who strike out on new ways of thinking” says editor-in-chief Gabriele Fischer in her introduction.

It’s about the origins of the MINDKISS Project and its sources of inspiration. It’s about love, art and death. And it’s about “originality” which is the special theme of this January edition.

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It’s not just the outstanding quality of OUBEY’s work that makes him a truly distinctive and original artist. His consistent refusal to be assimilated by the established art world and his persistent rejection of its blandishments also make him a symbol of independence and the freedom of dissenting thought. Such freedom is the essential condition that first makes possible work of such quality.

Click here to see the full article. An English translation and a special blogpost on it will be published in late January.

Also highly recommended is the introduction to the special issue on originality in which Wolf Lotter examines and demolishes established and degenerate notions of what originality is, what it means and what value it has. A refreshing “original” piece of writing!