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Why is it, in order to understand OUBEYs art and hence the MINDKISS Project, so important to be devoted to the creation of, and general comprehension of our universe? OUBEY himself once gave an answer to this question:

“I am in favour of explaining things as far as possible, exploring them with scientific means and methods to the greatest possible extent, because I believe that one should employ as much rational reasoning as one can, because that is always still so little, and behind it there is always still a great mystery. For this reason I am also in favour of spending billions for particle physics and basic research in physics to explore which building blocks our universe is made of. The more we know about such things, the greater and more elementary our irritation will be. Because behind this there is always still an even greater mystery. If Darwin´s theory means that we are connected with all forms of life; if the expanding universe means that we are connected with the entire cosmos; does it mean, as further conclusion, that the evolution of consciousness is connected with God or something comparable? This question cannot be answered, but it has to be explored.”


I am constantly following this route, currently also with recent postings on this blog.