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Emotion Is Like A Rubber Band

“It´s a sort of an earth language that has been painted”

“Immediacy is crucial for my pictures. Immediacy is something which can only be reached through feelings. Ideally the picture should go straight into the eye or into the heart like a sound or a ray of light. With all the considerations that may be behind it, ultimately emotion is crucial. Because emotion is something that speaks to everyone, everyone! Feeling is thinking ahead and also thinking it over. Emotion is like a rubber band, a springboard, a catapult. The higher the space is, in which emotion can develop, the better.”


It does truly seem that OUBEYs pictures reach the hearts of many viewers immediately, like a sound, or a ray of light. They always not only evoke a variety of associations and ideas, but also trigger emotions.

“It´s a sort of an earth language that has been painted”

Mezzo-sopranist Liz Howard, for example, experienced during her encounter, how OUBEY opens up a space of emotions, as high and large as possibly imaginable. You can watch this video here.