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What makes OUBEY MINDKISS special and unique? #5: Transcendence – Leaving the trodden paths of art presentation

With its Global Encounter Tour OUBEY MINDKISS is breaking rules by turning things upside down. The Tour brings OUBEYs art to places where people meet anyway and for any reason – except the reason to encounter art. That´s an experimental enterprise of a kind. Let´s see what comes next.

A video about the Global Tour is online (40 min):

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Stopovers of the Tour have been: A symposium of scientists at Goethe Institut San Francisco (2012) // A public party in Berlin (2013) // An international Conference of Managers in Vienna (2013) // A Maori School Festival in New Zealand (2014) // A normal day at the Central European University in Budapest (2014) // A special day at the International Academy of Art and Design in Kampala/Uganda (2015). The last stopover in Uganda stepped further than any other before: 40 Ugandan artist created paintings, inspired by OUBEYs art.