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Why an OUBEY Blog?

In 2004, OUBEY was killed in a traffic accident. He was in the midst of preparing for the first presentation of his work at this time, after more than twelve years of seclusion from the public. The purpose of the MINDKISS project is to realize this plan.

This project aims not to sell OUBEYs art. Much more it tries to offer a means of promoting a dialogue concering the queries and issues, which OUBEY had been engaged with and which he expressed through his distinctive arts. The project further tries to do so in a manner that does not require any expertise (referring to arts).

Through the OUBEY MINDKISS book, designed by Stefan Sagmeister, and the website at, OUBEYs art has been received by a continuously growing, international audience. The OUBEY Blog will now offer an interactive platform, giving readers a means of exchanging perceptions, thoughts, ideas and opinions about OUBEYs work, and of course the MINDKISS project along with its activities. Feel free to participate!

We are looking forward to an active exchange of thoughts with you on the OUBEY Blog!