Reflections of OUBEY

What does a human being feel when looking at a piece of art? What thoughts, associations, and emotions does it stir up? These are the questions the MINDKISS Project have been researching in different ways for ten years now. An entirely new path has opened up for the project’s Art of Resonance Show, which recently premiered in Leipzig.

 What paths have been walked so far?

  • During the “Encounters” upon seeing a painting by OUBEY for the first time, people spontaneously expressed their thoughts, emotions and associations with the painting in front of a rolling camera. We experience what they share with us through their own words. This is tremendously interesting, thrilling and illuminating – a wonderful way of accessing OUBEY’s art through the eyes and thoughts of highly diverse people, none of whom are art experts.
  • A non-verbal resonance of OUBEY’s paintings first took place in Uganda. The Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design had invited people from the region around Kampala to come and express their thoughts, associations and feelings artistically in a workshop through their own paintings, meaning using brush and paint on a canvas. This can be seen in the video “OUBEY in Africa“.

The “Reflections of OUBEY” now open up a way that does not require speech as well as other tools. Bearing in mind that artificial intelligence even makes it possible to “read” the feelings of a person when they look at a painting from the slightest expression. This may seem strange to some – like other things to do with artificial intelligence. In the case of “Reflections of OUBEY” what is created has made the visitors to the “Art of Resonance” so curious and fascinated them so much that they sometimes waited patiently in a long queue to get in touch with their own emotions when viewing a painting by OUBEY. Likewise in Moscow four weeks ago, where the “Reflections of OUBEY” had their dress rehearsal at the “Art & Science Festival”.

It was not just the joy of discovering one’s own emotions but also the curiosity of linking your own emotions in an interplay with the resonance to colors and patterns from different paintings by OUBEY. What is really interesting here and lingers are not the emotions but always this new, individual and unique painting, which was created by combining one’s own emotions with unfamiliar art – an emergence of OUBEY’s art and the feelings of a person when looking at the art. It could also be called an emotional OUBEY resonance painting.

Each color stands for one of the elementary human feelings. The surface portion of a color in the patterns of the painting stands for the intensity of the emotions. Some visitors have expressed the fear that their feelings might be too negative. Especially for them, the ultimate result could have rendered a valuable insight. Regardless of which emotions are in the mix – the paintings created through resonance are altogether an optical sensation. The artistic transformation – just like the art itself – frees the viewer of the resulting painting from the established evaluation of human feelings.

The quality of the emotion or the aesthetics of the painting have nothing to do with whether a painting is dominated by bright red, shiny yellow or dark black-blue, or if nearly all the colors therein are shown as a mosaic . This is also why many visitors used the opportunity to have their own painting printed to take home with them.

The code by which the registered emotions are converted into colors and structures from OUBEY’s paintings and into new paintings, as well as the entire application were developed by our wonderful project partners Juliana and Vrady.


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