Encounter 5

Frans Boeckhorst

Reise der Monaden
90 X 135

This Dutch psychologist and systems theorist has a distinguished track record in the exploration of interrelationships and patterns of behavior in all kinds of social systems – from nuclear families to major corporations. Using his research findings, which he ordered in a “dynamic systems theory”, he developed an idiosyncratic, integrated consulting approach that helps families and companies alike to overcome crisis situations and use and shape change processes as an opportunity for growth. He also shares his knowledge and skills with experienced consultants on the meta-consultancy level where he applies his rigorous yet playful approach, moving easily and surely between a broad variety of disciplines.

Frans Boeckhorst embodies an authentic link between high-minded, high-level research and the childlike joy of discovery in the playful exploration of possibilities that is in many ways strikingly similar to the way OUBEY approached elementary issues in his own creative work. As the two of them had in fact met in the past – albeit only for a short time – it now seemed right to attempt to stage a new meeting on a different level.

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