Encounter 24

Ten Year old Boy from Uganda

Ohne Titel
80 X 100

The encounter between the 10 year old boy and this painting by OUBEY came in an Open Encounter format that took place on the 19 December 2015 during the seventh stopover of the Global Encounter Tour in Uganda.

Open Encounters are an essential part of the stopovers of the Global Encounter Tour which has been travelling the world since2012. Each stopover features a covered painting by OUBEY standing on an easel in a separate room and waiting to be discovered by visitors in front of a running camera. In other words there is no selection of the people viewing the painting by the OUBEY MINDKISS project as is the case with the Personal Encounters posted online. Each person is free to decide whether or not they want to seize the opportunity and open themselves up to such an extraordinary experience. As in Uganda too.

The curiosity, excitement and joy of spontaneous discovery in the visitors who came on the afternoon of December 19th was greater than in any of the other previous stopovers. Over 30 people waited patiently in the sunshine before the entrance to the library of the NIAAD. Among them was this 10 year old boy.

To date none of the over 50 videos from the Open Encounters archive have been posted as we are still working on a suitable overall concept for their publication. Yet when we first saw the video of this Open Encounter, we were so thrilled and impressed by the reactions of this young boy in his encounter with OUBEY that we couldn’t resist including it in the Hall of Fame of the Personal Encounters.

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