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My pictures continually compose and recompose themselves in ever new structures – OUBEY

“Seeing OUBEYs paintings today for the first time in the original was an experience of incomparable intensity for me. Even though they’re fascinating to look at on the internet and in the MINDKISS Book– when I am actually standing in front of them, they draw me in so deeply, I can hardly bear to tear myself away.”

These are the words of a guest on the evening of the 5th Anniversary Happening at the ZKM Center of Art and Media in Karlsruhe spoken as he was leaving to catch the last train to Frankfurt. And he wasn’t the only one to voice such sentiments. We have received a great number of comments of a similar nature not only on 5th May in Karlsruhe, but also long beforehand on the various stopovers of the Global Encounter Tour and afterwards.

Our resonance to this resonance is to let OUBEY himself speak in his own words in an extended extract from a recorded conversation he held in 1992 during the first and only exhibition of his works held during his lifetime. In it he talks about the particular quality of his art and what he’s striving to achieve in it. Read the full quote here.

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