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VISIONS: Through Art to Science – OUBEY Live in San Francisco

“Everything is connected to everything else, and my art is a visual expression of this state of awareness. It simply reflects the joy of such recognition and in principle is an ode to it, a poem.” – OUBEY

In his universal thinking and enquiry, OUBEY always followed the path of such discovery. His radical refusal of commercial art business enabled him to strike out so resolutely in this new direction and develop his own uniquely personal form of expression for this way of conceiving and perceiving the world. OUBEYs pictures speak a universal language which people from all over the world can feel and understand when they encounter his paintings.

The OUBEY Encounter Project videotapes people’s immediate encounters with original works by OUBEY and publishes them on the Internet. Now for the first time this theatre of revalation will be staged in a broader setting at the:

“OUBEY Symposium „Visions: Through Art to Science“
at the Goethe Institut in San Francisco
20, October 2012
10.30 to 3.30 pm (local time)

Scientists from a broad range of disciplines will be reporting on their work and their encounters with OUBEYs art. Encounter Videos will be shown side by side with the original works featured in them and interested members of the public will be invited to make their own spontaneous encounters with the works. For full details of those taking part and the program, click here.


For everybody who’d like to attend the Symposium but can’t make it to San Francisco, there’s a full live video stream of the event broadcast on the internet at