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WOW! More than 500,000 Page Views Since the Web Opening, Two Years Ago

Recently, we had the traffic statistics for evaluated: We had over 500,000 hits since the web opening at the ZKM in Karlsruhe on March 23rd, 2010. Amongst the most popular were “The Art of OUBEY” and the OUBEY Blog.


Visitors come from all over the world, mostly though from the USA, China and Germany. Increasingly, visitors from Russia and Japan have also found their way onto our website. More recently, we’ve also had our first visitors from Africa.

We are very happy about this resonance and would like to thank all of our visitors for their continued interest in OUBEYs art and the MINDKISS project! Of course we are also very pleased if you recommend the site to others. After all, it is one of the proclaimed goals of the MINDKISS project to gain popularity and reach as many people as possible, on its own path, beyond the established art scene, thereby allowing them to get to know OUBEYs art and what it’s made of.