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Following the ideas of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick in their joint preface of “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, one could see it like this: The truth will, in the end, be far more surprising than we can possibly imagine today.

Although string theory is supported by famous scientists such as Professor Brian Greene of Columbia University in New York, the fact remains that many others still view it as adventurous and unconfirmed. This might have to do with the basic assumptions that form the prerequisites for string theory, and inherently its verification. These adventurous-sounding assumptions surely stretch our capability of imagination.

Amongst these prerequisites, is the assumption, that the universe is not only comprised of the four dimensions of space-time, as they are known to most of us, but rather a baffling total of eleven dimensions. Linked to this, a further assumption states that our universe would be not the only one in the cosmos. The concrete ideas of a multiverse have many forms. Could our universe, with its three dimensions, lie like a plain valley in an elevendimensional cosmic mountain range comprised of several universes? Could it look like a bubble, interconnected with other bubbles by wormholes? Perhaps it looks totally different; nobody can say for sure. David Deutsch of Oxford University, creator of the quantum computer, however is convinced of the existence of a multiverse.

cubes, bubbles or other shapes – nobody knows yet what the multiverse looks like

A human imagination that radically defies the boundaries of conventional thinking, yet is combined with, and obeys the laws of exact sciences such as mathematics and astrophysics – that is science fiction at heart. Intellectual adventures such as these, as an expression of unrestrained freedom of thought combined with a precise scientific approach at the highest level, cause and also express what OUBEY once called “the joy of insight”.

What we believe to be impossible today, may soon be reality. The gaps between these extremes decrease more and more, and we will see how the evolutionary capability and speed of the overall system of mankind, will be able to keep pace with the rapidly growing outcome of its brain, in the long term.

Amongst other sources, you can also find the original quotation of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick in OUBEY MINDKISS: StarPixels. Also you can find out more about the multiverse here.