Thoughts & Insights

Twenty Years After


OUBEY had been testing the possibilities of computer painting on his Amiga 500 for five years, and had in this time already created several hundred PhotonPaintings, before he presented twelve of these innovative paintings to the public in 1992. He titled this exhibition “MINDKISS”. It was his only exhibition. Despite its great success, OUBEY decided to withdraw from the public art scene thereafter.

The MINDKISS project, named after this first and only exhibition, started to present OUBEYs hidden treasure to the public: The website, book, encounter videos and lastly the OUBEY blog create a virtual means to allow the public to get acquainted with OUBEYs creative work and its intellectual origins. The original paintings however, have to date been exclusively accessible to selected people in the context of the Encounters project.

This is about to change. Twenty years after OUBEYs MINDKISS exhibition, the time has come: a selection of his original paintings will go on a worldwide tour, starting 2012. Herewith, the MINDKISS project reaches its next stage. Concerning the choice of locations and the style of presentation, we will go our own, unconventional way – according to the approach of MINDKISS. Exact dates and locations of this tour will be published in April.