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Our Universe – A Grand Cosmic Symphony?

Is it possible, that our universe is simply a grand cosmic symphony, composed of the vibration of these strings?

Interestingly, a considerable overlap exists between the exploration of the question of what music really is, and what meaning it may have in interacting with the cosmos. This overlap includes investigations into various sciences such as astrophysics, mathematics, brain research and music research. The complexity of being and becoming in the cosmos is a subject that may only be studied interdisciplinarily. The idea, that something as basic as music may hold the key to new insights on this topic baffles many. When following OUBEYs mental and artistical tracks, this does not come surprisingly.

Upon asking the simple question, how basic tones and noises differ from what we would call sound and music, we find ourselves searching for an answer in the midst of these different sciences. From tone comes sound, when the oscillation of a tone triggers several overtones, as is the case, when the keys of a piano strike the strings, or when the bow of a violin is stroked over its strings. What is created, is a whole series of resonance, that follows strict mathematical rules. Such an oscillation can be described as mathematics, which – with the aid of our brains – turns into music.

Brain research shows, that the auditory cortex is arranged according to pitch, similar to a piano. Different neural areas decipher different aspects of music: High notes, low notes, rhythm, etc. It is claimed, that no cognitive function in our brain has nothing to do with music.

Also, astrophysics now begins to ask the question, if music might possibly be the heart of all material. It is said, that even the black holes create tones, but they lie 57 octaves below what the human ear can hear. When following the string theory, then strings are the smallest building blocks of the universe; inconceivably tiny strings of energy, which are in constant vibration, much like the strings of a violin or a piano, when they are stroked.

Free-floating strings – a computer animation from the Video “What Einstein Did Not Know Yet”

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