Thoughts & Insights

Not-Knowing Can Lead to Findings

There are no interpretations or scientific classifications for OUBEYs pictures.

Furthermore, they have not been evaluated by arts experts or the art market. OUBEYs art is free of all the aforementioned. It was created in the greatest possible internal and external freedom. This is why one of the major goals of the MINDKISS project lies in extending this freedom, as much as possible, even during the publishing process.

A good example for this effort is the series “Encounters with OUBEY”. They are driven by not-knowing and immediacy. The individuals who participate in an encounter, don´t know which one of OUBEYs pictures they will meet. Not-knowing anything about the picture and not-knowing of what will happen, once the picture is revealed, opens up new spaces of emotion, creates tension and spontaneity. It enables people to take individual expeditions on their own, far offside the routes of established art-expertises. They really don´t know what will happen and what they will find, they just let it happen. This is much closer to an actual process of creation (becoming) than to explaining a piece of art according to a set of predefined rules (being). And this falls well into place with the complexity found in OUBEYs art.

Some weeks ago I presented this topic, along with further thoughts on “not-knowing” at the conference “Intellectual Capital 7” in Paris. This is worth mentioning in this context, as the conference was obviously focused on the topic of “knowing”, the value of knowledge, and its measurability, but not on the undreamt potential and value of not-knowing. Sure enough, this contradiction spawned a lively discussion, which I really enjoyed. Many thanks to all participants.