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OUBEY, MINDKISS, WE and the Arts

To start off WEmagazine’s special on “WE and the Arts”, Ulrike Reinhard conducted an interview with me on May 7th. This special is due at the end of this year. I am anxious to see how the creative process develops until then.

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The origin of my answers concerning Ulrike Reinhard’s questions lie in my personal experience, especially gained through working on the MINDKISS project. On a deeper level, these answers are inspired by OUBEYs own thoughts and insights, which he had expressed himself as follows:

“The link between the individual and the whole is one of the major themes permeating my painting. That is the arch. Art can connect huge arches, from the private to the universal. Where else does that work? Nowhere. That is why it is unique: to be able to go from the individual into the many, then from the many into what is wholy singular, isolated.

We are many and yet we are alone. We are alone and yet we are facets of a many. A grand whole. Everything is connected with everything and my art is an optical expression of this insight. It simply reflects the joy of insight, is in principle an ode to it, a poem.”

From “OUBEY MINDKISS: ON PAPER – Material Aesthetics and Anythinks for Mental Use”

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